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Seascape Sentosa Singapore

Seascape Sentosa, Singapore

Seascape at Sentosa Cove, Singapore, Breathtaking Sea View !

A seaside home as unique as you are, Seascape Sentosa, Singapore brings you closer to the soothing and beautiful seas than ever before. With the Resorts World at Sentosa Island of Singapore and One degree 15 Marina club, it is where you can enjoy waterfront living while never a moment far from the exciting life that awaits. A landmark that speaks volume of it's affinity with the sea and the finer things in life, Seascape Sentosa will inspire you with its lush water theme landscaping, infused with sculptures and graceful forms of the oceanic creatures.

You will embark on a journey that will take you well beyond modern comforts. Every part of Seascape Sentosa forms an environment that unifies the richness of the land and the splendour of the seas, offering you an extraordinary opportunities to busk in breathtaking views and indulge in life's finest.

From the luxurious comfort of your home, set your eyes on the unparalleled views of the wondrous sea. A day at Seascape Sentosa is never short of enviable moments and pleasures, unlike any other. Ease into the luxurious surroundings and let everyday captivate you. Indulge in an invigoriating lap and simply unwind by the sky pool overlooking the beautiful seas.

Each apartment at Seascape Sentosa promises the widest and most spectacular views of the sea available in Sentosa Island, Singapore. The penthouses are sprinkled with touches of luxury  including a private pool that hugs the living and dining space with generous room for lounging. Beautiful architecture that blends in with   its surroundings, Seascape Sentosa has amenities including concierge services, a clubhouse, a gymnasium, and extensive water features.

Let your senses take over as you ease into each day surrounded by inspirations from the deep blue. Seascape Sentosa, a serene coastal enclave in Singapore that realises every facet of luxury living, offers an exclusive homes to those who truely believe in living the good life.

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